Monday, December 7, 2009

Celebration Time Come On!!!

Celebration time come on!. It was Saturday 5th December and it was celebration time.We were at school in the afternoon. You might be wondering why were we at school on a Saturday? Well we were at school because we had been celebrating. Celebrating the last day of ROW (Rock Our World ) 11. Not just me who who was celebrating it was the whole Extension class.

"All over and around the world there's a movement wrapped in love, in Looovvvveee". It was our part on screen. Carol Anne was talking to us. First of all Moses did a Mihi ( That is just a introduction ). When it was time for asking the questions and answering back only some people asked it. It was Paulitia, Tanielu, Leoden and Blessing. "Tanielu go on now its your turn" Mrs Tele'a whispered because she didn't want her voice to be heard in the conversation with thousands of people ( exaggerating ). When Tanielu said his answer he also told them that we were going to do a waiata ( Song ). "Takitimu tokomaru hura hupoi..." as we finished singing the waiata. As soon as it was silent in the room Tanielu went up and said "Do you have the beat?".

Well "We've got the beat the mighty row beat it goes ( 1st: Pat your knees twice. 2nd: clap your hands twice. 3rd: click twice. 4th: Clap your hands twice. 5th: Pat your knees once. 6th:Clap once. 7th: click once. 8th: Clap once. 9th: Pat your knees once. 10th: Clap once, high. You have got it!!! ) You do that 2 times.

As we all finished, Carol Anne just said a compliment to us and said bye. When everything was packed up we all went into the staffroom and ate some sausages. "Yum" said my friend. "Ice Cream time!!!" said Mrs Burt. "Yaaay" we all shouted. We all had mini choc bars that Mrs Tele'a had got. "Finished" everybody said in a row like we were all having a race in finishing of ice creams.
Mrs Tele'a: Is anyone going to pick you up Mubasshira?
Me: I don't know
Mrs Tele'a: Okay then let me drop you off.
Me: Okay.

"You are so lucky that I dropped you off right at your door step". Mrs Tele'a said to me as I got off the van. I laughed when Mrs Tele'a said that. "Bye" I said to Mrs Tele'a and she left. That was a really fun day for me. I was really happy. I felt like as if that day was the best day of my life. I wish we have another day just like that next year. It was awesome.

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