Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Lovely Teacher, Ms Garden

I am dedicating this Acrostic poem to my lovely teacher Ms Garden.

Memorable, I will never forget this teacher in my life because she has taught me so much.
She's a super star.

Exciting (Is Creative)


  1. Hi Mubasshira,

    I really liked how you had dedicated an acrostic poem to our teacher Ms Garden, that is very nice of you. Of couse, my favourite part about the post.... MY Lovely Teacher, Ms Garden is when you had said that you were going to dedicate the post to her, once again , that is very nice of you. I aslo liked how you had explained all of the things that Ms Garden is like to us! Well done and I and also the world hopes that you keep up the great work!!! Well done. If you would like to check out my blog just type in this : or just click on my name up above!!

    Yours Sincerely, Ala Toetuu

  2. Hi Ala,

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I checked out your blog, and it was awesome. I commented on your Active Earth post. It is really nice how you explained everything to me. If you would want to read more then, stay in touch. Thank you once again.

    Your Sincerely,

  3. Hi Mubasshira!
    You are always being kind to people. And I agree with Ala that, that is very nice of you. You are very thoughtful. And you are right, she has taught us a lot! I look forward to more of your posts!
    Keep it up!

    Yours sincerely,

    P.S. I just saw that you two did "YOURS SINCERELY.." So I thought I' do it as well. Hee hee.