Thursday, February 24, 2011

Breaking News: The Devastating Earthquake

As you might know, another earthquake striked Christchurch, which was a dreadful disaster. The earthquake was HUGE, it was 6.3 magnitudes. Many of the buildings, were obliterated, during the devastating earthquake, which put a lot of peoples lives to danger.

There was horrible news from all around the environment. Some people were crying on news and some were trying to get hold of their friends and family. Buses are pulverised and building have been destroyed.

“It’s like 2012 has begun” Tuipolotu whispered quietly in Seini-Mino’s ear. I heard him saying it... I did so not believe 2012 so I said ”Noooo!!” soundlessly.

“...I hope that everybody in Christchurch is safe in sound, and will be able to meet their beloved ones very soon, Amen. I murmured in a low tone.


  1. Hey Mubasshira,

    Even though you didn't write anything I still think its nice to show the world what had happened in the earthquake. It is very sad!I hope that NO one gets hurt and that the people that are still trapped get out safe and sound!May God bless.

    Yours Faithfully, Ala

  2. Hi Mubasshira,
    That was a very good post about the Christchurch earthquake. I am glad that the school are having a Mufti day to raise money for Christchurch. I hope that Christchurch get through the disaster like they got through the first earthquake.