Friday, March 4, 2011

Tech @ Tamaki

"Yaay, we're going to Food Technology" Seini-Mino exclaimed. It was Monday and it was the day where all the year 7 and 8's went to tech! It was obviously my first time there, so it was very thrilling for me.

Every Monday we went to Tech at 8:50. We all were put in a group , I was in 7B. Why do you think we went there? I think we went to Tech because the teachers wanted us to experience subjects that weren't in our school, such as:
1. Woodwork
2. Graphics
3. Science
4. Cooking
5. Electronics

As we headed towards Tamaki collage, Seini-Mino and I chattered excitedly. 7B was the group that was going to cooking. We stepped into a new environment and could feel the air of excitement.

Mrs Heka, which was our cooking teacher took us into the cooking room and said a little introduction to introduce her to us. As we got into position (which was in a kitchen with 3 people in your group) we had to stand and wait quietly. There was dead silence like we were at a funeral for a minute or so because Mrs Heka was doing something.

“Today we will be making sticky buns aka Chelsey buns” Mrs Heka announced. “Yaaaay” a crowed of Pt England Kids screamed. I was one of them. After my group, which was Seini-Mino, Tupak and me had all of the ingredients we started to do the real fun. This was cooking.

As soon as we finished making the buns, putting them into the oven and doing all the overall jobs, we started to pack our sticky buns into some bags. This was because so then we could take it back to school and finish it.

It was morning-tea time already and I kept it in my bag for a little while. I took it out and started to munch on it, I couldn’t resist eating not 1 but actually 2. Scrumptious and exquisite. I loved it when we went to take a bite and you would hear that crunch, it meant that we cooked it just right.

Whenever we go to tech, we make a lot of heavenly food and it tastes awesome. I think that going to these classes make us learn more and it also helps us know more about technology and other things that associate with cooking and food.