Friday, February 11, 2011

My Amazing Holiday!

During the holidays I did one thing that was very common. This was shopping. My family and I, didn't just go anywhere like Botany Down or some other place that was close. We went far from home. Nearly everyday we woke up early and got ready to go somewhere.

For the first few days we went places like Onehunga and Sylvia Park. I had already brought a lot of things and had spent more than a $100 and I was getting tired of it. Now, that this was a problem for me, I thought of doing something about it!! To stop this from happening I told my dad if all our relatives and us could go for a picnic.

"We'll see" was the answer to my question. A few minutes later from then, my dad got a phone call from one of his friends and he was inviting us to a picnic. That was kind of like a miracle. "YAAAAAY" I screamed!

The day had come and, we had decided that everybody wanted to go to Long Bay. On the way I was getting so excited to get there. I was so in the mood to feel the smooth silky sand. Time had come to unload everything from the boot.

Quick as I could I got changed into my togs and went out to the beach!! The sand was scorching hot like I was stepping onto sizzling ashes. I had a cold swim for 30 minutes then went to eat something since I was so hungry. Music was one of the thing I could have peace from, so I listened to some calming, peaceful music on my sisters Ipod.

An hour or 2 from then, I got really tired and bored so, I asked if we could go home. “To be honest, I hadn’t expected a picnic to be that boring” I told my sister’s. I was so disappointed.

Sitting at home feeling all sad and lonely I thought of downloading movies from uTrorrent (Movie downloader). I spent all my time on movies instead of money! How many movies do you think I’ve watched and what did you do during the holidays???

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