Friday, September 14, 2012

Social 2012

I glance at the clock. 5:00pm! "Oh My Gosh!" I had only 45 minutes before Selina was going to come pick me up. My clothes were all spread out on the bed, and I still hadn’t done my makeup and hair. Frantically I ran around the room looking for everything I needed. Camera, ticket, clothes, makeup, shoes. Phew! I had everything.

Lesley, who I had met earlier and I walk through the doors after we had given our tickets. As soon as we enter the hall, we are welcomed with craziness, dancing and ear splitting music. “WOW!!” Lesley and I exclaimed. Both of us head of to the dance floor where we were greeted with hugs and people complimenting our dresses and skirt. I had worn a blue mullet skirt, a casual black top, a purple scarf and a leather jacket.

As I was talking to Lesley, I hear a familiar beat that I loved. Right away I knew what song it was, One Direction - What Makes you Beautiful! As soon as the song starts everyone starts screaming my name. They knew I loved One Direction. I wait till my favourite part comes and I start dancing away to the music. A lot of people actually were surprised, they never knew I danced that much.

Soon, when the song finished, Selena who was DJ announced that whoever wants to be in a Dougie comp has to go in the middle and all the others had to get in a circle. It started out with a few people but through the middle of the song a lot of people joined in and did their moves. Nezinli had won the comp since he was the best.  

By the end of the night, I had, had a great time. To be honest, I actually thought that this years social was better then last times because there was more music and because I had actually danced to most of the songs. This is what I would call a memorable moment!

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