Friday, September 28, 2012

Olympics Day

Searching through the sea of multi coloured t-shirts for Mino, the leader of our team. “Everyone get in a line we’re going to sitting volleyball.” she exclaimed. We head quietly to the hall, where the game took place. Mr Jacobson the teacher in charge strode towards us.

This Olympics day Miss Va'afusuaga had organized was going alright but when it came to playing volleyball while sitting seemed rather interesting. Mexico (the country I was in) versed Kenya. We positioned our team and started playing. “MUBBA, HIT IT!” my ears started ringing with voices telling me to do so. I hit it and the ball kept coming and going until one of our opponents team members hit the ball, though fortunately it didn’t go over the net, which made our team win.

Mexico had already did 7 of the activities, handball, volleyball, foursquare, ultimate frisbee, touch and rounders. My favourite till now was the sitting volleyball. We still had one more activity after lunchtime which was 3 legged soccer. This also caught my attention and I really looked forward to this.

Not long after lunch, Mexico was sitting down on the bottom field waiting to do the 3 legged soccer with Ms Squires. We got told that we would all need to get with a person with a similar height and we would have to put a band around one of our partners leg and your leg. It was actually a little tricky to maneuver but me and Serena, who I was with managed pretty well.

Serena and I both worked simultaneously and ACTUALLY got 2 of the goals. There were many players sprawled across on the ground. Soon after, Ms squires announced that we would have to go individually now and put a band around both your legs, this ended up making people hopping all around the field. Me obviously thinking this was super funny started laughing uncontrollably and ended up falling on my butt.

This was actually one amazing day. At the beginning of the day, I thought this was going to be something like athletics, but my guesses were obviously wrong, since these ended up being a few silly games as well. I wish our school would do these kinds of days more often.

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