Monday, April 6, 2009


On Friday room 15 went swimming. We went at lunch time.We had to walk all the way to the swimming pools then we had to get changed.

I had to get a flutterboard because I did not know how to swim.We had to hop in the freezing cold water. I wished that I could have gone in the spa first. I went to the middle of the pools. It was getting deep.

I did not know how to backstroke so Ms Squires said "I will teach you how to swim" Ms Squires was a great teacher. If I was sinking like a fish without a fin she told me to "Push your tummy up"Ms Squires taught me in 2 days how to do backstroke.

We had a bit of free time so we had to go to the other end and hop out. I was sodden, shaking and drenched.

I got changed in a jiffy. Then we headed off to school.

I told my friend "I was splashing the water like I was so excited".

The End

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