Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Camp Aratika

Last week on Wed-Fri year 5 and year 6 went to camp. Our Camp name was Camp Aratika. We camped on the Pt England field. We had to sleep in tents. In my tent it were Seini-Mino, Helen Tuipoloa and me.


Year 5 people and year 6 people were together in groups. There were 6 groups. They were The Responsibles which I was in, Participators, Thinkers, Honest Crew, True Crew and the Care Crew. All the groups had 2 leaders.


Our leaders were Sam and Helen Tuipoloa. Sam and Helen were great leaders. They were not mean to us. Our group had vice captains as well. They were Latu and Omni. Our teacher was Mrs Langitupu.


One of the activities we had was kayaking/canoeing. We had to get changed into our togs because if we fell out of our canoe we would get wet in our clothes. The Responsibles got changed quickly into our swimming togs and went to the reserve. Our teacher was Mr Burt and Mrs Nua for canoeing.Mr Burt told the year 5`s how to manage (Ride) the canoe. It was like a spoon and knife because of the way you had to hold it and turn it. I was very nervous because it was my first time. I had to go, the kayak was wobbly. You had to wear a life jacket to keep safe. We could go swimming as well.

10 Pin Bowling

On Thursday the Responsibles went 10 Pin Bowling. We had to go in different cars. I went with Kaiden's mum. It was great I had never gone 10 Pin Bowling before. I was scared and afraid because I was petrified that I would not be able to pick the ball up. It was gigantic. I was Bowling like it was a tournament. It was very heavy as well. Then we had to go back to school because our game finished.

I felt really happy that I could Bowl. "I will tell my dad to take me again"

I am really happy I am a Year 5 because you do really nice things at camp. "I can not wait until it is the next camp".

The End