Thursday, April 30, 2009


This term we are learning about Dino-Might (Dinosaurs). This term it will be a very fun term because at the end of the term we will know lots about Dinosaurs. I know lots about Dinosaurs.
I am doing  project on one of the dinosaurs called a Ankylosaurus. well it is a very cool one even Ms Squires (My Teacher) said "That is a very interesting looking dinosaur"

A teeth of a Ankylosaurus is 2cm.I have even found out that it is a plant eater.There is lots of interesting facts by me because I like studying about dinosaurs.

I think by the end of term lots of people from room 15 will know lots about dinosaurs.I can`t wait till I know how many projects on dinosaurs I have done.


  1. Well done posting your graphic with your writing! I have read a few blog posts from PES students about Dinosaurs and yours is the first one I have seen with a cool graphic. Good on you. I am looking forward to when you share what you have been finding out about Ankylosaurus'
    Mrs Burt

  2. wow mubasshira

    that was a story.I wish i can wite like that.


  3. Hi Mubbashira
    You are very good about finding out about dinosaurs. A Ankylosaurs is a very interesting dinosaur indeed.Keep researching about dinosaurs and Keep it up.

    From Seini-Mino & Destiny

  4. Hey there Mubasshira,
    That comment that you left on my blog was really great. I replied back to you but on my blog. Anyway you've found out some very interesting facts that are useful.