Thursday, April 2, 2009

R.O.W Reflection

Hi my name is Mubasshira. I am in the extension group. In extension there there is 15 people.In extension our teacher is Mrs Tele`a. In the past at extension we have done a food pyramid. In the food pyramid there is 3 levels. The 3 levels were the food you should eat not many times. The other levels was the food you should eat sometimes and the third section was the one you should eat always like healthy food. In the food pyramid we had discovered in the extension group who liked what. Did they like fatty food or healthy food? Some people liked the healthy food and some people liked the fatty food.

Then later on we had to get in groups of 3. In my group it was Toreka, Seini-Mino and me. We had to pick a restaurant that we would like to do a research on and we had to talk to the manager and find out where the restaurant is from. We had a restaurant called Hansan Vietnamese restaurant. The country it was from was Vietnam and the capital city was Hanoi.We found out the address and the phone number.Then when we found the full address of the restaurant we had to make a tour on google earth, from Auckland to Hanoi.