Tuesday, June 16, 2009


On Friday 12th of June 2009 we had Dino-Day. The whole school had groups to go in. The letters of the alphabet were the names of the group it was only up to A-W. It was like a immersion rotation. A immersion rotation is when you go to different places in time to do different activities. There were lots of groups in. I was in the V group. We had to go to different classroom`s. I went to room 10 first. Our teacher was Miss Lavakula. Over there we had a challenge first in that challenge Miss Lavakula gave us a paper on it, it said the numbers up to 20 and we had to get in to groups there was 4 groups. In my group there was 4 people. In that challenge we had to get the piece of paper Miss Lavavkula gave and sit on a table. Miss Lavavkula gave us a little card on it, it had questions about dinosaurs we had to answer them on the piece of paper we got then someone out of our group had to take it over to Miss Lavakula and do the hula hoop 5 times so after we have done the hula hoop 5 times Miss Lavakula will give us another little card we had to do that 20 times until we got to the end and all the answers were right. A little time after we were finished doing the challenge. Next we watched Jurassic Park Part 3 it was fun we got dinosaur lollies and popcorn. It was like we were at the cinemas. When the bell went we were up to the scary part where they are in the big truck and the T. Rex comes I felt a bit scared but it was only a movie it was a nice movie. So after the bell went we had to go back to our own class it. At Interval we only had 30 minutes to play ( as usual ). hen the bell went to go back to a new class we had to go to the hall so they could tell us where we could go next. The V group went to room 15 ( my class ). Over there we made a Dinosaur Diorama. The little kids had to paint the base and made tree`s with flax and the big kids had to paint the dinosaurs and paint the outside of it When we were painting we had to get in groups as well in this we had 4 groups again...

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