Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Duffy Show

" Yay there is a Duffy Assembly after interval". I shouted. I really like Duffy as he teached us to read and he takes us on adventures. " I wonder what will his adventure be this time" I said to Selena. The bell went "Triinngg". We went to the hall and sat down to watch the show. There was an enormous book called The Story Snatcher. On the book cover was a beautiful picture of a tower with someone`s hand out of the tower window.
When Duffy began to tell us the story the first thing he said was the rules.
The rules were:
1. You have to sit still on your Gluteux Maximus (bottom).
2. When they gave a signal for being quiet we had to be quiet.
3. When they ask a question we just have to call it out.
So they began.
The story was about a snatcher of books, Master Villain. He was so stupid because he said " I will burn all the books and I will be brainy". Duffy said " Oh hang on how will you get brainy by burning all the books". "Ah well all the knowledge will go into my head". Master Villain said. It all started when one day Duffy went to Aunt Roha`s house and he said " Aunt Aunt can you read me this book?". " Sure Duffy" Aunt Roha replied. She started reading the story to Duffy it was a nice story.
In the show aunt Roha got kidnapped and put in to a dungeon in the villain`s tower. Duffy needed help so he went to a fortune teller her name was T. She did fortune telling in her little tent. When Duffy came she thought it was Master Villain so she acted like a statue. Duffy touched T because he needed help but T did not move so Duffy went away. After searching and searching Duffy finally found Aunt Roha and he also persuaded MV ( Master Villain ) to read. MV got taught reading by T and he got really brainy.
The End

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