Friday, June 26, 2009

Musuem Trip

"Yay my first trip to the museum" I shouted to said to Selena and Angela. It was Wednesday the 24th June 2009. Room 14, 15, 16 and the extension group had to get some morning tea and put it in to a huge yellow box before we heading off to the bus. In the bus I sat with Angela and Selena. We had so much fun playing I spy and tickling each other.

When we reached there the curator told us to come in. " This is unbelievable this looks like Buckingham Palace ", I exclaimed as I glanced around. We first had a short time in the coastal Natural History section before going to the learning centre. There, we were learning about fossils and theropods by a man called Paul. On the floor was this comfy red mat we had to sit on. Paul knew lots of things about fossils and theropods.

Firstly he showed us a big bored with footprints of theropods on it it. Paul explained that we can find out lots of information about dinosaur`s behavior from their footprints. From the board I found out that theropods put little babies in between the parents when they are walking for their protection ( e.g So the predators don`t attack it).

Paul then said we had to get organised in to 4-6 groups. In my group there was Tule, Latu, Bobbi- Grace, Destiny and me. Our parent was Tule`s mum. Paul gave all the groups a little box with a bag. Each bag had something in it which we had to guess what it was by studying it, and comparing it with other things. My group got a rock that had scales on it. We had to find out what kind of scales they were. We found out that the scales were of prehistoric crocodiles. Paul even had an example of a crocodiles skin we compared it to the rock. He said that when the crocodile died it left a imprint of the skin in the mud that became a fossil.
One group got a tooth of a T. Rex. They studied the tooth and discovered that more than half of the tooth was inside the gum. This is because when the T. Rex bites the meat, the tooth will otherwise fall out. That's why the T. Rex needs the tooth in gum hold it up and keep it strong.
One of the other groups got poo, uh ha poo!! Poo is called coprolite. We laughed when we heard that. Poo is actually very cool to study because you can find out lots of information such as what the dinosaur ate and how it ate. For example did it first chew it all up or whether it just gulped it down.
Later we had a look around at the dinosaur skeletons we also did a little quiz with a partner. I would really like to go to the museum again because it was so cool in the learning centre.
The End

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