Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Me as Rocheal Von Jure The Tiger Expert

Today I am Rocheal Von Jure and I am a very famous Tiger Specialist. Ala the very famous reporter has just began a new show called Animal Planet and Guess WHAT? She called me up and asked me and said if I could be on her very 1st episode for peoples attention. It has been an honour to be on her show. Over here I have a video of me being on her very first show. Please have a look at it. Thank You.


  1. What great role playing! Very convincing Ala and Mubasshira, sorry I mean Rocheal! I loved the questions and interesting answers you've shared here. I can't wait for the next episode!

  2. Hi Mrs Tele'a

    Thank You. We really enjoyed shooting this episode for our audience. We are going to check how much our next episode will rock. We will make sure our next episode is better than this times one. I wonder how many episodes we will be able to do. I think only 2-4. Thank you once again.

    Your Sincerely,