Monday, March 1, 2010

Rugby for Rosie, My Upcoming Podcast

Hi my name is Mubasshira and I am going to tell you about the ending of the book Rugby for Rosie. If you want to know what happens in the book Rugby for Rosie than you will have to go to the KPE blog (A shortcut is go to my blog and click under the KPE Podcaster badge where it says 'Click here to check out my podcast') and find it there. So here it is.

After when Rosie, Mandy Mega Women and Mrs Ace had finished talking they had reached their classroom, where all the other girls had been sitting. First when Mrs Ace said that Mandy Mega Women was the women next to her, nobody believed her so then Mandy Mega Women took off her coat. Suddenly a head popped up and said it is true she is the real Mandy Mega Women. After a while when everyone in the class was quiet for moment 1 of the girls just stood up and said "But you wear mini skits and you are not like that". Mandy Mega Women said that everyone has a unique personality, everyone has a inside of them and a outside personality just like on screen and off screen. She took herself as a example. Mandy Mega Women said " I wear mini skirts on screen but off screen I am very dirty, a little like Rosie". Rosie giggled.

A while later Mandy Mega Women had persuaded all the girls to play rugby. Rosie was so happy and do you know what the other girls did? Well they cheered for Rosie and the Fly Hards (Their Teams Name). The next day was the other tournament and the other girls promised Rosie they will turn up. Well do you think the girls will turn up or do you think they will deceive her?

Well if you want to know more then you will have to read the book for yourself. So this was Mubasshira telling you about the book Rugby For Rosie by Frances Adlam. Kaki te ano.

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