Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Talk with a Really Famous Man!

Guess what we did on Friday after school at 3 o'clock? Well we talked to a famous man. He is the Nike Shoe designer. Anybody know who that is? Well that is D'Wayne Edwards! Cool isn't it. We had a really good opportunity to talk to him. Unfortunately we didn't get to talk by a mic, we had to write it in a text box and send it like a comment. We asked a lot of questions which were so helpful to us because it helped me and the extension group on designing our shoe. It was great.

He told us about some of his pair of shoes and some off the oldest ones. He even designed shoes for Michael Jordan. D'Wayne said to us that in his closet he has 400 or more pairs of shoes that is designed by him!. That would be incredible. He also told us some of the things that made him believe that he could be a lead shoe designer. One of the people who made him believe that was no other person than his......MUM. She was the greatest to him and said to him that he could do it. He even opened a school which just made people learn how to draw. It was called Pensole. He said that he named it Pensole because the pen was how he learned to draw and the sole is the thing he did on the shoe. I hope we will get to do many things with D'wayne and by the end of the year we will know how to do at least 2-5 shoes.

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