Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Camp Highlights

"I can't wait, Yes" I screamed to Selena. It was Wednesday 17th of March and we were going to have a great day. You might be wondering why we were like this? Well we were like this because it was the first Camp day of 2010!!! It was amazing. The first thing we were doing was ROCK CLIMBING! I was very happy and joyful. we had teams and I was in the Considerators which was the sixth team and our lovely teacher was Mr Barks.

When we reached the place we quickly got taught what we needed to wear which was the Harnas and that someone needed to be with you at the bottom of the wall. I did one wall that was just blocks. I was really nervous at first but then I got a little comfortable. I had got half way but suddenly something happened to me, my hands were slipping off. I told Mr Nua who was one of the drivers that took us to the places. Once I got off I didn't really have another chance to go on because it was time to leave.

After we did Skate land we went 10 pin bowling. That was one of my favourite one. I really liked it. Each player got to play. In one lane was 5 people but in the last lane there was 1 extra person. I had got 4 spares and 1 strike. I was extremely happy. We nearly won because the winners were the group with 6 people. I was quite sad but I didn’t really care because at least my group came 2nd. We only got 1 game each. After a while it was time to go. I said to Selena that we should have had 2 games. I was so happy.

After 5 minutes we reached back to school. Me and Selena ran off to the courts to see what the other teams were doing. But as we reached there nobody was there so we sat down and started talking about the highlights about the day. We were also talking about the things we were looking forward too. My best part of Camp was Rock Climbing. I told Selena about the thing I was lookin forward to which was Camp Cooking. I love making the damper (bread) and eating it. I can’t wait for the next camp. We are going to have great fun.


  1. Hi Mubasshira,
    I enjoyed reading about your camp experiences. I think you did really well at ten pin bowling with all those spares and a STRIKE!
    From Mrs Clarke

  2. Hi Mrs Clarke

    Thank you Mrs Clarke for that awesome comment. I had a great time at ten pin bowling. I wish you were there to see me play. Did you have a wonderful camp? Please comment back and check out on my latest posts. Thank you once again.

    Your Sincerely,