Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yesterdays Extension

Yesterday it was my first day in extension as a year 5. My teacher was Ms Tele`a. We did this survey. We had Partners. My partner was Toreka. In this Survey the extension class had to find out what the extension class liked. We got 1 big sheet of paper to write it on. Toreka wrote the names of the people in the extension class. Toreka and me went to the people and asked them he most common Meal was Burger King and the second meal was K.F.C . All these sayings were making me hungry. Then we did a desert chart. Toreka wrote all the names of the people.As Usual I asked all the people.The most favourite desert was ice-cream sundae.Later on when we had finished Ms Tele'a gave all of the groups a Food Pyramid. On that Food Pyramid we had to make a chart saying what was the thing that most people eat (Healthy Food, Fish and rice or treats) We had to make a place for deserts as well.