Thursday, March 12, 2009

Inorganic Rubbish Poem

This Is My Inorganic Rubbish Poem. This is an Acrostic poem
This first bit is about the rubbish.

Iron rusty and sharp
Not so new barney doll with rips
Old glass pieces like triangle`s that is sharp
Rotten old food scraps
Gigantic Garbage
A beautiful doll yesterday today scruffy and shabby
Nursery rhyme book next to and old computer
I see yucky old cloths
Creepy and covered by insects.

This second bit is about the rubbish truck.

Roars from the rubbish truck monster as it munches up the rubbish
Unruly truck like a lioness
Black old paint buckets old and scrappy
Busted now , getting crushed
It is sucking and chewing on it
Sacks of skirts ripped inside
Horrible big teeth.

Dirty and mouldy
Alone now
Yesterday`s treasure, today's trash