Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Music Session with Mr Jacobson

On the Monday 9th March 2009 we had Mr Jacobson as our extension teacher. He told us "Today we are going to go to garage band and we are going to make a rhythm". We did not have partners. I was really exited.

We got started on making our Rhythm. We had to do 4 Rhythms the first 2 were the ones Mr Jacobson told us to do. But the other 2 were the ones we had to make up .It had to be a beat.
I was making a beat that was good I did not think that my beat was the best because there might be other people that might have a better one then me. I tried my best to make it the best.

Mr Jacobson then told us to (command A) and then go to edit and Join all.
 Then we had to make it 3.00 minutes long.
We had to copy and paste it millions of times. 

Subsequently on it was 2:50 so Mr Jacobson said "Okay now save it on the desktop and quit out and then shut down the computer"  We all did what Mr Jacobson said and we had to go and sit down on the floor. We had a little talk about GarageBand and then the bell went so we had to get our bags and go home.

I really wanted to do that again any time after. I was so excited.

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