Tuesday, March 17, 2009

School Picnic

Thrinnggg!!! went the bell.It was a Friday and room 15 had to line up with our bags and go to the hall at 9:50. Our whole school was going to have a picnic at the Pt England Reserve.We went walking to the Reserve.

Mr Burt told us where we could not go and the rules and we head off to our trees.

I did not do anything. Some people were relaxing . People were sleeping, chilling, excited, tired from walking.Ms Squires daughter was sleeping because she was tired.


People were playing rugby ,they were playing like it was a tournament. Room 15 people were playing as well .I think they were playing rugby for the whole time.

People from room 15 were picking up crabs. "Detestable eh".I would never look for crabs.

Subsequently I was so bored I did not know what to do because I  was sick I had a book with me and my homework so I did my homework and went on reading my book.I was getting even more bored and it is only the middle of lunchtime I had my lunch and Ms Squires saw me and said "Would you like video the room 15 people singing" I said "Yes please" 

So Ms Squires an I went over where people were singing. I videoed Lepa, Erene, and Jarna.
Afterwards we had to go back to school we packed up and went back to school. 

I felt really happy and exited. I really liked it. I wish we go  to the reserve again.