Monday, March 2, 2009

Co'operative Challange

Today room 15 went to the hall to have a Cooperative Challenge.In the Challenge we had to get 3 pieces of newspaper and we have to get to the one end of the hall to the other end.We could not get off the Newspaper. So the aim of the game is to get across the hall without touching the floor.

We had teams there were 5 people in my team. Ala , Jane, Joshua, Junior and me. Our team was Contemplating on how to get to the end of the hall.

Ala thought we should first get 3 people on 1 newspaper and 2 on the other.We had 3 pieces of newspaper. So we did what Ala said. After that there was one last paper left at the end so then the person at the end passed it to the person in the front and the person in the front put it down and went on that one .

We kept on doing that until we reached the end of the hall. "We Won" I shouted I was Screaming like we were going to get a trophy. I was so happy. Then Ms Squires saw us and said "You can not have more then 3 pieces of newspaper" We kept on doing it our newspaper riped and then every ones newspaper ripped.

So Ms Squires got some cardboard ,the cardboard did not rip because the cardboard was strong.We finished first again because we had lots of practise.Then I was screaming my head off again.Ms Squires said that "You have to show them the strategy you used" We showed them . Then we and all of the kids did that strategy as well and we had a race. We still won I was shouting "Yay" "Yay" I was laughing. Ms Squires told room 15 "Who liked this strategy more then the other ones you we were doing". All the kids said "Yes" I was so happy My team and I were as happy as a person who had never had trouble in their life.

We went to class and I told myself "I really liked it" That was the best day of my life.
I felt really happy about it.
The End

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  1. Hey Mubasshira

    your story is really nice.
    I really liked it.

    From Tule