Sunday, April 18, 2010

What are we Learning about this Term?

Today is the last day of our holidays and tomorrow school is starting! Yes you heard me right tomorrow school is starting. So that means today is 18th April 2010. I am so excited for term 2 and just can't wait for school.

I want to see our class room. I like seeing this because at the end of the term we clean our room and put all the chairs and the tables together. So tomorrow we will be putting it in different places. I wonder where I will be sitting and who will I be sitting with.

I am most excited about this terms topic. I like to know this because I want to know if I will be good enough to talk about the things that are related to it. I also like to know this because on the first day of the term we have a assembly at the beginning of the day and all the teachers have to dress up in things that associate to the topic. So that is why I like to know about the topic.

I can't wait for the upcoming day. I will be putting up another post about tomorrow and what had happened. Have a check at my post and please leave a comment. Thank You.

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