Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skills and Drills!

That was TIRING!!! It is 15th April 2010 and I just got back from Netball Training. It was amazing. This took place at school. None of my friends came except for Tina. We didn't do a lot of stuff but it sure was amazing. I am going to tell you what I did over at school.

When I had reached school I saw Tina. So what we did was, we went to check out if there was Netball Training. We went to the walkway and a while later from a long distance I saw Litia (Mrs Nua's daughter) . She looked like a little ant which was walking up to me. As she sat down her 2 sisters Alosina and Tenei came following her. A while later they went to get the keys so that Litia could get the goalposts. While they were getting the keys a few more people came which was Shontal, Helen, Eta, Mauina and Cruz.

First when we finished putting everything that we needed on the courts we went back to the walkway and there was Mrs Nua. We did a race and just some warm ups. Then finally we went to the courts to do some ball skills.

There was Mrs Nua that was taking a few people, Alosina was doing a few people and Tenei who was doing some people. I was with Tenei 2 times and then the last rotation we did, I was with Alosina. We were rotating every 10-15 minutes. I really liked it. We learned a lot about Netball.

Then lastly we played a game. We were separated into 2 teams. Our opponent had the bibs and as you know we were the non-bibs. In my team it was Shontal,Helen and Eta. So that was 4 including me. Mrs Nua also said that we had to do ten passes before we do a goal and if the ball drops we start the passes again. It was pretty hard because Tina always got the ball. We and our opponents didn't get any goals.

At the end of the game we were all huffing and puffing from all of that running and jumping. My legs were aching. After having a good game I felt like some coffee so after I reached home and washed all that sweat on me and I boiled the water and had a yummy drink. While I drank my coffee I was wondering if I was going to be picked for the team. I hope I get selected.

The End!