Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Library in my Bag!!!

"It is kind of like, your bag is a library!!" said Seini - Mino. Well yes it is because I just love reading books. I like to read books because I can learn from them and I just love reading. Guess what? My bag has 12 reading books in it and 1 Diary, plus a big as 200 Leaf value pad (200 refills). Do you think that is big? Well have a look at this picture and see and please leave a comment if you think that, that is big.

Well I guess, I just love reading. I think everybody should read at least 15-30 minutes a day, so they learn lots of things. I also this that you should read so that you don't forget that reading is important in your life.


  1. You are the reading queen Mubasshira!
    Remember the success criteria for effective paragraphs we use in class for your writing?
    Do you use it to reflect on your posts too?
    I see that you are using brackets to add extra information, and varying your sentence types, well done.
    In your next post, I'm going to be watching out for "limiting repetition" especially.
    I like that you are sharing your learning so often on your blog.

  2. WOW! Mubasshira you really, really love reading.
    What Miss Garden had said YES! you are the Queen of reading!
    I really liked your post on " A Library in My Bag!" that is a catchy title.
    Your post was awesome once again but i just think that you need to read your posts before you publish it! Anyways great Job Mubasshira!

    If you would like to read any of my posts you just have to type in this: or just click on my name up above my comment!

    Well bye for now!