Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amazing Camp Highlight!

Yesterday was the last day of the year 7 and 8 camp, and we had an stupendous time there. It was magnificent. There were so many fun activities we did, such as rockup, kayaking, movie night, etc.

My groups name was the Respectables and our leaders were Feki and Shontal. Respectables were so lucky that they had such good leaders. They lead us through hard times and encouraged us to not give up.

My favourite thing was the concert, It had been one of the best camp concerts I had ever been too. We rocked the school out and impressed every single judge. When it was time for the judges to announce the winners of the Camp Concert, all the year 7 and 8’s gave a huge drum roll. “And the winners for the camp concert 2011 are...The Respectables!!” Mr Jacobson said enthusiastically. Everybody started clapping and cheering, which made us feel really proud.

The most valuable lesson or thing I learnt from Camp was co-operating with people from other classes and helping them with there weaknesses. During camp everybody respected one and other and we had a GREAT time, playing games and having so much fun.

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