Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thank you Mrs Burt and Mrs Tele'a!

For the 2 fantastic teachers:
This is a post for Mrs Burt and Mrs Tele'a, this is because if you saw in my previous post, I had done a silhouette using Photoshop. Well I'm saying you because I have noticed that I have become so addicted to this program now. So thanks to the teachers who made me interested in Photoshop.

At 3.00pm today, I sent a quick mail to Mrs Burt and Mrs Tele'a saying a thanks message. If you see the image above, well that is the image I made for both the lovely teachers. I also sent this image to them. Thanks once again, I am never going to forgot this.

For viewers:
If you want to know who to do this then click on this link (Youtube Link). This link will take you to the tutorial. For this, you will need to have one of the following: Photoshop CS3, Photoshop CS4 or Photoshop CS5. I hope will do the tutorial and see how easy it is for youself.

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