Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to Pitch a Tent

How to Construct a tent.

A tent package including:

1. Open the package and unfold the tent and make sure you have the following equipment which are listed above. The following equipment are essential: Hammer or Mallet. As soon as that has happened put the fly aside and start working with your base (Make sure your door is facing the right way).

2. As soon as you have separated the fly and the tent, get the pegs and nail it down with a hammer .The corner of the tent have little (eyelets) and make sure you have nailed it at around about a 45 degree angle. This is so then they don't come out easily and while camping your tent does not break down.

3. Get the poles out. Be careful because there are 3 poles and 2 have the same length and that is long, But the other one is the shortest one. You don’t need to use the short one, you use it later for the fly.

4. Now lay the two longer poles out in a X shape. Where the corners are of the inner tent, you can see that there are hooks , so you hook them on to the poles that are on the top of them. Now you need to tie it to the middle of the poles. Now place the fly over the top of the tent and make sure that the door is facing the front.

5. Now that you have finished that, throw the fly over the tent and and when you start working with the fly make sure the door is closed. So then it goes perfectly. Thread the short pole through the sleeve of the fly. This will make the top of the tent stable. Make sure the pole is secured to the ground.

6. Nail the Guy ropes down but here is a useful hint: nail the Guy ropes on the edges first so the tent has good balance.

7.When you are finished with the Guy ropes, there will be some hooks, you will need to hook it on to the poles.

8. Now you are finished, make sure that all the Guy ropes and the pegs are secure and tight.

9. Enjoy camping in your tent and if your breaks down during 24 hours, please don’t accuse us.

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