Friday, March 18, 2011

Amazing things with Photoshop!

Today Mrs Tele'a sent us a link which included videos of how to do these very cool things with Photoshop. Toreka, Selena and me had a lot of fun checking them out. "Why don't you give them a shot?" Mrs Tele'a exclaimed. "Mrs Burt also wants us to learn more in Photoshop because they have more functions and Hyperstudio is so easy to use".

As we started to give it a try, we all chose a little project of what we would want to do. So we looked at the tutorials which were in the link and I had chosen one where we could do a silhouette.

If you see the images above, those are the silhouettes that I have made. They look amazing and if you see in my next post, I have said a thank you to the teachers who helped me get interested with Photoshop. So I hope you liked my images I have made.


  1. Hi Mubasshira
    I absolutely LOVE your Photoshop photos. I really had fun making fice appear on an orange. You will have to teach me how to make some like those. They're so beautiful!

    Looking forward to seeing more!


  2. This is very cool. I love the way you have 'Taken Charge' and taught yourself.Very inspiring indeed. Now you'll have to teach me...

    Mrs Nua