Monday, March 28, 2011

Teddy Bearz Movie!

Last week on Thursday, Mrs Nua gave each Table a task to do. The table I am on is called the Teddy Bearz, the members of this group are Shontal, Tuipolotu, Kaloni, Ronald, Selena and me. The task that we had to do is, out of the 9 values we had to choose one and show our class what that value looks like.

I have put together this movie for my group and we chose the value 'Respect'. The movie above shows what we did to show our class what respect looks like. I hope you enjoy and understand how this value looks like in our school.

The Program I used to create this movie: iMovie 11


  1. Kia Ora Mubasshira,

    I really liked your movie and description that you had created. It was really cool! The thing that I liked about your movie is that it reflects on what our 9 values are! Teddy Bearz ay? What a cool name. I hope that you create more movies and descriptions on what it is about.

    Yours Faithfully, Ala

  2. Hey Mubasshira!
    Your group's movie explained the korero well. And your table's name is so funny! The Teddy Bearz. Our group's name is Choc A Blok. Your explanation was great too!

    Keep it up!